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IVA incluido
Cable Length (m) 2
Power DC or AC
Power Source DC or AC
Housing Style Base Mount - Tower
Primary Housing Material ABS
Indication Yes
Mounting Thread M30 x 1.5
Color Input Control Individual (One wire/color, same number of colors as input wires)
Number of Colors / Segments 4
Product Size (mm) 50
Color Technology Standard LED
Number of Tower Light Segments 5
Color Option 1 Yellow
Animation Option 1 Solid On
Connection Cable
Lumens Color 1 23.0
Color 1 - Wavelength/Color Temp/Coordinates 590 nm
Color Option 2 Yellow
Animation Option 2 Solid On
Lumens Color 2 23.0
Color 2 - Wavelength/Color Temp/Coordinates 590 nm
Color Option 3 Yellow
Animation Option 3 Solid On
Lumens Color 3 23.0
Color 3 - Wavelength/Color Temp/Coordinates 590 nm
Color Option 4 Red
Animation Option 4 Solid On
Lumens Color 4 32.0
Color 4 - Wavelength/Color Temp/Coordinates 625 nm
Max Current Color (mA) 100
Number of Input Pins/Conductors 5
Supply Voltage 18-30 V dc/24 V ac
Input Type Bimodal (PNP/NPN)
Max Input Response Time (ms) 10
Physical Dimensions (LxWxH or DxH mm) 50.0 x 202.2
Environmental Rating IP67
NEMA Type and UL Type Rating NEMA and UL 13
Max Op. Relative Humidity Non-Condensing (%) 95% @ 50°C
Max Op. Temperature (°C) 50
Min Op. Temperature (°C) -40
Storage Temp (°C) -40 to 70
Primary Housing Color Black
Primary Window Material Polycarbonate Diffused
Feature: Hazardous Area No
Feature: Audible No
Feature: Chemical Resistant No
Indication Intensity High Brightness
Multi-Color Device Simultaneous Colors On
Feature: Quick Disconnect No
IO Link No
Modbus RTU No
Wireless No
Pro-Editor Compatible (Discrete) No

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